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If the construction industry had a public face, it is the familiar ready mixed concrete truck with the revolving drum. It’s high visibility stems from the universal use of the product it delivers. Concrete is easily the worlds most widely used construction material, it is a part of everything we build.

Supermix provides Concrete That Delivers - Ready mixed concrete is more of a delivery system than a type of concrete. Like all concrete, it has three basic components: cement, water, and aggregates.

In the early days of concrete construction, workers mixed these components right on the project site – and still do for certain types of construction. But as concrete construction evolved and advanced, bringing concrete to the job site with truck-mounted mixers became more efficient and offered a more consistent and higher quality product. By bringing together the best equipment, technology, and innovative techniques in the business, Supermix is able to meet and exceed quality and service expectations of its customers.

Pump Trucks

Supermix mixer trucks leave the plant with the sealed spout. Upon receiving the shipment, the customer can check the number in the invoice, break the seal and only then release the concrete. Guarantee, transparency and peace of mind of Supermix customers. To measure whether the concrete is within the desired slump, Supermix trucks.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Supermix caters to commercial and residential Clients